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Fan Profiles

There have been some wonderfully supportive people over the years when it came to my music. I wanted to honor my fans here and let folks to get to know how terrific they are.

I have known Rene Collins for years - he actually married me and my husband 10 years ago! He is a musical, deeply spiritual man, and a loving father and husband who is quite supportive of other artists. I love his huge smile and infectious laugh. You can out check his music here.

Bio Excerpt: If the saying “Music is the Soul given a voice” is true, then Rene Collins is that voice. Infusing African spirituality with reggae, jazz, folk, and a hint of Hip hop for taste, he blends together a sound, as contemporary as it is timeless. His music gives us more than something to fill the silence. He imparts to us words of wisdom and light in a perfect marriage of insight and love.

Rene Collins

Warren is a great guy - thoughtful, talented and smart as a whip. I've known him for years and he's always given me great advise and made me laugh my butt off. In fact, one of his music projects is a hysterical duo called Black and White Cookies. He also has a lovely solo project.

Bio Excerpt: Warren Kimmel always gives us something to think about. His music offers us a unique, intimate look into the heart and mind of a thoughtful, intelligent soul able to find the wisdom in our lighter moments and the humor in our darker ones.

Warren Kimmel

Rose is a wonderfully supportive and warm person. She is the kind that just keeps showing up for stuff - birthday parties, reunions, my gigs. Rose is one of my favorite people - always wants to know how things are going in your life, always easy to talk to. Plus she loves to have fun and can cut a mean rug on the dance floor.

Rose Kollar