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1. Because there is nothing, absolutely nothing, like hearing your son whisper, with a shy smile, “Sing for me, mom.”

2. Because your toddler has funkier dance moves than you do.

3. Because you get to feel your son’s little body quiver with excitement as he rests his hands on the stage during a kindie rock performance.

4. Because, though it has never been proven, playing your guitar against your pregnant belly must certainly send awesome waves of musical yumminess to your unborn daughter.

5. Because the number one criticism in the world for one of your songs is, “That was awesome. The bestest yet.”

6. Because the video of your son perfecting the opening line to lip synching Johnny B. Goode 14 times in a row makes the grandparents giggle.

7. Because in your son’s family drawing dad is working at the office and mom is the singer.

7 Reasons Why Kids and Music Should Always Mix

February 11, 2016